Event tip: Be a storyteller

Tell the stories of the adult learners in your organisation, how they first got involved and ways they’ve benefited from learning. Sharing these stories about the impact of adult learning gets others excited about it too.

Get tagging, liking and cheering on the efforts of other organisations and people involved in Adult Learners Week on social media. Remember to use the hashtag to get noticed and connect with others.

Here’s what last year’s best event winners Brunswick Neighbourhood House had to say:

‘We ran 8 events during Adult Learners Week. We had a real mix of people both current users and new ones getting involved. It was a great opportunity to get new people through our doors. Offering free ‘taster’ classes and having an ‘Open House’ where people can come along and give something new a try really works well.

‘We’re really using social media more these days to get people excited about ALW and it helps to promote it. Instagram has been a great way for us to connect with and attract younger people in our area too.’

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