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Marius was searching for a better life

Scholarship nominee Marius

Marius and his sisters moved to Australia from Nigeria a couple of years ago to reunite with their mother after years of separation.  Before civil unrest broke out Marius and his family lived in Sierra Leone. But in 1997 when he was seven years old Marius and his sisters were sent to safety, to live with his father’s relatives in Nigeria. Once things settled down they began to look for their mother. Read More “Marius was searching for a better life”

Event tip #2 Try quirky

Find something different for your Adult Learners Week event, something unique that people wouldn’t normally do but would love to try. Have a look at what’s popular on social media for the kinds of things that might draw a crowd. Check out the events listed on our website for ideas. Here’s what last year’s event winners Gympie Regional Library had to say. Read More “Event tip #2 Try quirky”