Event tip: Open it up

Offering free ‘taster’ sessions or having an ‘Open House’ where people can come along and give something new a try is a great way to get new people through your doors. Encourage people to bring friends and family. The more the merrier!

Here’s what one of the Best event winners WEA Hunter had to say:

‘We believe in education and learning that is accessible to the community and breaks down barriers.  Adult Learners Week is a great chance for us to share our vision of lifelong learning and reengaging people through all types of education, whether it be learning a new hobby, completing schooling, finding a pathway to employment or enhancing a career.

‘We ran activities across all our three sites over the Week and offered around 10 ALW free activities and classes an Open Day and an Awards night.

‘We had lots of people attend during ALW who hadn’t been here before and/or didn’t know who we were.  Our most popular event was a free Auslan workshop. I would have been happy if 10 people had shown up but we got 80 and ended up running a second one.’

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