Zoe’s dream comes true

Life at home was difficult and Zoe left school at year 10. At 17 she fell pregnant but tragically lost her unborn son to a fatal heart condition. Determined to get her life back on track, Zoe enrolled in a Skills for Education and Employment program (SEE) program at TAFE Queensland to complete her Senior Certificate.

Initially she was very quiet and just kept to herself. Her confidence was very low, and she doubted her ability. But slowly her self-esteem improved as it became clear that she could not only complete the work but also to a very high standard. Despite the overwhelming adversity Zoe faced throughout her studies her dream of going to university took shape as something she could achieve.

She is now studying a Bachelor of Nursing Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Then she hopes to progress to Midwifery so she can eventually specialise in post-natal intensive care.

“Zoe’s transformation has been remarkable. Zoe is someone who has overcome some really big challenges and is now proof that with hard work, determination and self-belief, you can achieve your dreams,” Zoe’s SEE teacher and mentor Anita Lamb-Nicholls said.

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