A model learner


Catelyn is an independent single mum with three young children. She knows that as a mum she is a role model for her children. Through her own actions, she wants her children to understand the impact that education and learning can have on your life.

Catelyn works full time as an administration officer at Apprenticeships Group Australia but the part of her role that she likes best involves helping and assisting teachers to prepare classes and workshops. She started as an administration trainee and has worked her way into the classrooms to assist the teachers who are working with and teaching young men plumbing and carpentry skills.

As a result of this, Catelyn has discovered a passion for teaching and is completing a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment while working full time and supporting her family.

“I want my children to know that it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can continue to learn and achieve something.”

With her experience in a teaching environment and with her life experience, Catelyn will be a great teacher for future generations.

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