Learning lifecycleWhy a festival of learning?

Adult Learners’ Week is celebrated annually with hundreds of events and activities designed to promote the benefits of learning and to highlight the many options available:

  • in the home
  • at work
  • in the community.

Many of the most successful events take place in venues that adults find accessible, friendly, and familiar, such as:

  • community centres
  • neighbourhood houses
  • libraries
  • men’s sheds
  • community halls.

Adult Learners’ Week is about:

  • promoting the range of learning possibilities
  • making learning options relevant and accessible to learners
  • creating a culture of lifelong learning
  • building a bridge between basic, vocational and general adult education (including literacy and numeracy)
  • showing the strong relationship between adult learning, strong democracies and productive communities
  • creating a learning society that everyone can access.

Why bother?

It’s simple really. Learning makes a difference!

  • It improves your life in so many ways – from your health and wellbeing through to your socioeconomic status.
  • It’s important to challenge yourself. Moving beyond your comfort zone improves your life.
  • It builds your confidence and happiness.
  • It broadens your outlook and expands your mind.
  • It helps you to stay relevant in an ever-changing world. We all need to be lifelong learners now.
  • It keeps you connected with others, and helps prevent stress and loneliness.

What are you waiting for? Find an event near you.