Event Tip : Make it fun

Having fun learning together builds friendships, promotes understanding and forges bonds. Former ALW early bird event winners Cedar Centre Toowoomba (QLD) got their diverse student body of 300+ distance and on-campus students on board from the outset in planning Adult Learners Week celebrations.

‘We brainstormed ideas with our students asking what sort of things would interest them. It really helped to have so many different viewpoints.

‘We started our ALW events with a session on sensory skewing, to demonstrate that not everyone learns the same way. We also did a session on laughing yoga and a mindfulness too.

‘Laughter yoga was a big hit. We had over 30 people or more squeezed into the room so it was a tight fit! We advertised all our events to the general public and we had students and staff come in especially for events.

‘Our students are doing courses that are very vocationally focussed and are studying for formal qualifications so doing something so light-hearted and fun together was great. It was a wonderful experience for us to plan something different together and see them all so excited it in the lead up as well as afterwards. Students who don’t usually spend a lot of time together joined in activities with other students who they didn’t know so Adult Learners Week broke down the boundaries between our different groups of students as well as showing how learning new things can be productive and fun.’

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