From home to work

Yasuko Schiller’s story will be familiar to many women who have given up work to care for their children.

Yasuko worked full time before having children, then she spent nearly two decades at home raising them. Once she was ready to return to the workforce, Yasuko realised she needed to learn a raft of new computer and employment skills.

Though her confidence was low, Yasuko found MarionLIFE‘s flexible and supported Employment Skills program a great way to begin the road back to work.

She proved to be a dedicated student, a quick learner and surprisingly creative.

After she finished the Employment Skills program, she began volunteering with MarionLIFE, which included writing manuscripts for ECH aged care residents as part of a project.

Technology has opened up so many new ways of communicating, and Yasuko is keen to learn them all – especially blogging as it combines technology and her passion for writing.

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