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Harrison's determined to make a difference - Adult Learners Week
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Harrison’s determined to make a difference

Harrison’s determined to make a difference

Harrison enrolled in an adult education program at Moss Vale TAFE Campus after overcoming significant life challenges, including homelessness, Cerebral Palsy and generational poverty. His determination to rise above his circumstances and improve his life led him to complete a Cert IV in Tertiary Preparation, making him a standout participant in our program.

Harrison is an outstanding adult learner because he embodies the principles of resilience, perseverance, and community spirit. Despite battling the limitations imposed by Cerebral Palsy and a history of homelessness, he has excelled in his studies. Harrison is not just academically committed; he is also proactive in applying his knowledge to uplift others. He is currently employed as a Disability Assistant and an Educational Support Officer for TAFE, aiming to become a TAFE teacher in the future.

The program provided Harrison with the academic foundation and support network that enabled him to pursue higher education. Through the Cert 4 in Tertiary Preparation, he gained the necessary skills and qualifications to enrol in an undergraduate degree at the University of Wollongong. More importantly, it offered him a renewed sense of purpose and direction, serving as a launching pad for his lifelong goal to become a teacher and make education accessible for those who are disadvantaged.

Winning this scholarship will propel Harrison further on his educational journey. He plans to complete his undergraduate degree and continue onto post-graduate studies focusing on education for the disadvantaged. The financial support from this scholarship will also allow him to focus more on his current job roles, which are instrumental in shaping his future teaching career.