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Learning ambassador Belinda Flavel - Adult Learners Week
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Learning ambassador Belinda Flavel

Learning ambassador Belinda Flavel

Belinda Flavel, now 42 years old and a single mum to her 6 year old daughter started university at the age of 35. She didn’t finish year 10, because a horse riding accident left her in a coma for 2 weeks and with short term memory loss and loss of movement which required many months of rehabilitation.

Following her recovery, Belinda started working in retail, then as a bookkeeper. During this time she struggled with her mental health, depression and alcoholism. She eventually completed certificates at TAFE in bookkeeping, OHS and computing and at the age of 31, discovered her passion for helping people. She then went on to complete a Diploma of Community Services and from there, she nervously stepped into university.

It took Belinda almost 8 years to complete her Social Work degree, as she continued to raise her daughter and conquer the challenges of alcoholism, including time in rehab. She then returned to study, displaying immense determination and strength. Since she graduated as a social worker, Belinda has followed her passion for mental health and addiction support and established a counselling practice that combines equine assisted therapy and play therapy for people of all ages.