Learning ambassador Terrence Lennon-Wingfield

Terrence Lennon-Wingfield, now 28, grew up in Ceduna, nearly 800 kilometres from Adelaide. He was often absent from school, due to illness and when he did attend, other kids made life difficult. He made it to high school but dropped out because he lacked the basic skills needed for reading and writing.

Terrence found odd jobs in-between stretches of unemployment but his literacy skills held him back. Reading text messages, filling out job applications or dealing with everyday paperwork was a struggle.

In 2020, tired of relying on others to do his reading for him, he enrolled in a course at Taoundi Aboriginal College to improve his literacy and numeracy and discovered a taste for learning. With a new sense of empowerment, he completed basic infection control training and became a volunteer Covid19 Marshall during the height of the pandemic.

Last year, Terrence enrolled in the University of Adelaide’s Preparatory Program, with his sights set on higher education. He is now doing theological studies in Sydney and following his passion for supporting his community by working as a youth pastor at the Living Water Community Church in Redfern.

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