Learning to read opens a new chapter

Kim has always wanted to learn how to read, but thought she would never be able to.

She has found reading and writing difficult since she was a child, and she has relied on other people to help her complete tasks that involve reading and writing. In 2018 she asked for help with form-filling at Northern Suburbs Community Centre in Tasmania and confided that she would love to learn to read.

Last year Kim bravely took the first step, and since then she has persevered, building on what she has learnt each week, and can now read basic stories. Through her focus on ‘having at go’ at tasks she may have thought were previously impossible, Kim exemplifies what it means to be an outstanding adult learner.

Through her involvement with 26TEN, Kim has found that learning to read is not impossible , but that with hard work and perseverance she can reach her goals. Her awareness that she can learn to read has given her confidence.

Kim wants to continue to improve her reading skills, so that she can start to read books and fill out and complete forms etc. by herself. She also wants to try other activities, such as craft skills, or learning about caring for animals, so that she can continue to learn and enjoy life.

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