The right ingredients

You can’t go wrong with a feel-good movie. Or two. Or a visit to the Melbourne Museum. Or a fine feed.

These were the ingredients for another successful celebration of Adult Learners Week at Glen Eira Adult Learning Centre. The centre hosted a movie night with a strong dose of Aussie culture. The 30 moviegoers chose between the dance-hall charm of Strictly Ballroom and the mischievous canine joy of Oddball.

‘Most of our community at GEALC are migrants, so we screened two local movies at the centre,’ explained Client Support and Community Engagement Officer, Lindy Lifszyc.

The movies were preceded by a barbecue and then included, of course, plenty of popcorn.

About 60 people visited Melbourne Museum, many for the first time. ‘We had level 1, 2 and 3 English students, plus some local residents who were keen to come along.’

The teachers of the lower levels guided their students through the Museum, while higher level students had already researched the Museum in class, had worked out which areas they wanted to visit and explored in
small groups. Level 3 students did some pre-reading on the Museum website and also wrote up reports in class afterwards about their experiences.

An ALW bingo brunch proved popular, with admin staff spinning the balls and calling the numbers. ‘There were lots of laughs!’ said Lindy.

GEALC, in Melbourne’s inner south-east, opened in1986, so it is well-versed in putting on activities forAdult Learners Week.

‘Although the online Learners Week activities during Covid were good fun, we were keen to have face-toface events this year, keen to bring people together.

‘The response was very positive, very enthusiastic. Our students work hard all year, so deserve to be able to celebrate. They relish the opportunity to learn, and to relax and have fun.

‘At GEALC we love to cater to our students and to welcome newcomers.’

Lindy said the key to running events is to know your audience and to keep everything manageable.

‘And people love a good feed too!’

Lindy added that organising ALW activities is very much ‘a team effort, working together on ideas and bringing them to fruition.’

The centre will put the funds from being an ALW event winner towards the events’ expenses and to subsidise programs for vulnerable learners in Term 4.

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