Tools for success

Terence enrolled at Tauondi Aboriginal College in February 2020, in to the Certificate I in Access to Vocational Pathways course, as he wanted to develop his literacy and numeracy skills for further studies. Upon completion of this course, Terence then enrolled in the Certificate III in Community Services course which he successfully completed in 2021.

Terence’s college attendance at Tauondi was outstanding. He was an active student, engaging with his peers, trainers and tutors, and volunteering his time to support Tauondi events such as our annual Open Day and Reconciliation in the West. Terence is a wonderful role model for other young Aboriginal students.

During the toughest of times for all Australia, Terrence took on part-time employment at Ganbarra Facility Services, an organisation which provides commercial cleaning, waste and recycling services, hygiene and sanitation, facility services, electrical testing and infection control. Terence successfully completed the Basic Infection Control training in order to become a Volunteer COVID-19 Marshall.

Terence’s commitment and dedication will see him succeed in whatever pathway he chooses.

Terence’s confidence has shone in the last few years, highlighted at the 2020 NAIDOC March and Family Day where Terrence attended as a community member, volunteer and as a proud ambassador of Tauondi.

Terence’s leadership qualities, excellent communication and interpersonal skills were also evident at NAIDOC when, with no preparation, he spoke to the media about the benefits Tauondi provides to the Aboriginal community and the importance of funding Aboriginal education.

Terence’s self awareness of his abilities and needs in order to complete studies and provide meaningful pathways for himself shows what a remarkable confident young man he is and one who will succeed due to his dedication.

Terence enrolled at the beginning of 2022 at the University of Adelaide. He has enrolled in the University’s Preparatory Program (UPP), a one-year program aimed at assisting Terence to further develop his literacy, numeracy and research skills and giving Terence an introduction into the university culture. The program aims to give individuals the tools to become successful university student so you will come away from the program with the confidence to go on to further university study.

Terence knows he wants to go on to complete and gain a Degree. He is using the remainder of his time at university to decide which area he will enrol.

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