Life-changing learning for Bevan

After he finished high school, Bevan’s disability service provider in Adelaide suggested he join the Curious Robotics program. Bevan had been assessed as severely intellectually disabled. He had also multiple health issues including seizures and speech difficulties. His high school teacher commented that Bevan was five years behind his classmates. Bevan finished high school with minimal computer knowledge and very low self-esteem. But he had a big dream – to build an ingenious robot.

In 2018 he joined the Curious Robotics program and has been taught and mentored by Thomas Man and Kristopher, Thomas’ teaching assistant.

Since he began his studies, Bevan has shown his amazing potential by building and coding smart model machines and learning to program them with Python, a computer language. He has shown extraordinary stamina in learning and practising technology despite limited resources and the personal challenges he faces.

He recently showcased his computerised smart trains at the National Railways Museum in Port Adelaide and proposed successfully to build a scaled model of Adelaide Train Station for presentation at the Museum.

Bevan has proven against all odds that he is a capable and motivated learner, but also a learner keen to put the knowledge he acquires into practice. Miraculously, Bevan’s health has also improved. His seizures have all but gone and he and his speech has greatly improved. His doctor attributes the results to the fact that he is less stressed and enjoys his life more.

Engaging in adult education program has given Bevan the opportunity to discover his potential, to improve his self-esteem, assert his confidence in learning and living. Enjoying learning has reduced his stress and helps him enjoy life more.

With the scholarship Bevan intends to purchase more learning resources, including software and equipment for his future robotics learning projects. He aims to continue in the Curious Robotics program which will connect him with with career opportunities as he keeps learning. It is never too late for Bevan because he has the will to learn, if only he has also the means.

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