Savary’s English opens doors

Savary came to Australia in 2000 to start a new life with her family and elderly parents. She was a busy housewife, caring for her three young children, looking after elderly parents and supporting extended members of her family. Unable to speak any English, interact with anyone and with her family commitments leaving no free time to attend classes, Savary found everyday life a struggle. Nevertheless, conversations with her neighbours and daytime television in between a hectic day helped Savary learn a few words.

In 2022, Savary enrolled at Merinda Park to improve her English and computer skills in small, affordable and fun classes.

Savary is a hard worker, determined to achieve beyond what is required. She is self-directed, and makes the most of opportunities presented to her during her study. She is friendly, kind, helpful, supportive and displays leadership qualities. Savary is well-respected by her peers and continues to show promising improvements in her learning.

By engaging in adult education and learning to speak English Savary has gained a sense of independence. It has also enabled her personal growth, improved her job prospects, advanced her social circle and increased her overall well-being. Having gained computer skills she has gained confidence in using social media to contact relatives and friends overseas, safely use the internet for banking, shopping and other everyday activities, as well as investigating future learning options and seeking employment.

Despite facing many difficulties and challenges settling into a new country, Savary has demonstrated great determination and courage to push her boundaries. Learning English, she believes is a stepping stone to achieving her lifetime goal of completing a Certificate IV in Aged Care, and finding employment in the Aged Care Industry. Having cared for her elderly parents, Savary believes that she can truly connect with other elderly people and offer them much-needed support and care.

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