Build your learning confidence

If the thought of being back in a classroom fills you with dread you’re not alone. People who had bad experiences with formal schooling or had interrupted education often incorrectly assume they are poor students. But there are plenty of ways to build your confidence in your ability to learn before you head for a class or course. Learning opportunities are all around us.

Here’s a few ways to take advantage of them.

  1. Volunteering

This is a great way to apply skills you already have and stretch yourself by taking on new ones. Donating your time to a local committee or group is also a way to connect with new friends and find out more about your local community

  1. Mentoring

There’s no better way of learning than by teaching someone else. Passing on the skills you’ve developed through work or hobbies to someone else is a great reminder of how much you already know and how much you’ve learned.

  1. Bartering

Join a skills bank where you can exchange your expertise for someone else’s. Helping someone else with a task that to you might be second nature is a great way to highlight your unique capabilities.

  1. Keeping track

Making a list or keeping a diary of all the things you are learning is a great way to track your abilities and build your confidence as a learner.

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