Halima blossoms through learning

Portrait of a smiling woman

Halima has been a student in Skills for Education and Employment at Djerriwarrh in Melton, Victoria for the past year. She was referred by Centrelink to do this course to improve her English language skills.

Halima is a hard worker. Not only she is raising children as a single mum, she has also been home tutoring one of her daughters. She is a keen learner and works hard in class to do all the tasks to the best of her ability and beyond by going through all the exercises and re-writing them in her work book. She has also been doing extra courses such as barista introduction at Djerriwarrh and contributing greatly to class discussions with great enthusiasm and good humour.

Halima has blossomed as an English language learner and as a person through this course. This has given her greater confidence to do things for herself and value her contributions to the class. She is a much better communicator and accepts challenges with more confidence. This also reflects in her commitment to improve her skills in class and at home.

Halima wishes to pursue higher English courses as well as courses that will enable her to obtain a job in hospitality.

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