Rujinah is ambitious with a sense of fun

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Rujinah was a secondary school teacher in Malaysia. She started the Adult Migrant English Programme (AMEP) in Gympie in March 2018. Two days a week she attends AMEP English classes so she can reach her goal of becoming fluent in English and working as a teacher in Australia.

Rujinah is an intelligent and dedicated learner, who is always prepared to ask questions, and very able and willing to help other students in the class. All of them are adult migrants learning English to improve their employment opportunities and access to further education through participating in up to 510 hours English classes. She is poised and polite, but she also has a great sense of fun. She is very ambitious to continue with her studies and her chosen profession. Rujinah’s English skills are now of a level where she is keen to give back to her adopted country.

Apart from being able to improve her English language skills Rujinah has made friends with many students from different parts of the world and has also learned a lot about Australian culture. Rujinah says that she has settled in to her new country a lot more easily because of AMEP. ‘The teachers are very understanding and supportive and provide a fun learning environment. AMEP has made me more confident in the way I communicate with guests and staff at my present workplace. It has been a great platform for me to polish my English communication skills, on my pathway to gaining a teaching position in Australia.’

Rujinah has supplied her overseas qualifications for recognition and approval to teach in Australia but has been advised by the Board that she must pass attend 12 months fulltime university education to fulfil the requirements to register as a teacher in Australia. Living in a rural area where opportunities for ongoing education are limited, this will be Rujinah’s next challenge.

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