Judy’s world has changed

Judy struggled with reading and writing all through primary school and she did not continue into high school. She tried enrolling in adult literacy classes 19 years ago but found the prospect of re-entering a learning environment too stressful, especially after years of being put down because she wasn’t able to read and write.

But in 2017 Judy returned to try again. She enrolled in the adult literacy class at Melbourne’s PRACE in October 2017 and has completed the Computers for Beginners course and the Computer Essentials course.

Judy is committed to learning and driven to better her life. Despite feeling anxious and lost at times, Judy is determined. She attends every class and with gusto; she is extremely attentive and engaged in all class activities and fits in well with others. Because she is so willing to try new activities her skills and knowledge have developed dramatically.

“When I started in the adult literacy class I thought I could not learn. I couldn’t concentrate or focus. I was upset and crying. Now I am now more confident, I am less stressed and am picking up words … reading books and letters. Before I couldn’t do it.”

When Judy came to PRACE she was a very timid, anxious and depressed person. She is now a bold, vibrant and confident woman. Her reading, writing, and communication skills have improved and her whole world has changed. Everyday life has become easier. Now she can read emails and text messages and pay her bills using BPAY. She recently was able to buy her first car and after she received a phone call from the insurance company she was able to reply via email providing policy details, taking photos of the car, uploading the images and sending them successfully.

Her whole world has changed.

Judy’s confidence has given her the strength to start applying for jobs and when she receives knock-backs she gets back up again. She has a clear vision and goals for her future, which include completing the adult literacy course and enrolling in a Retail course. After that she is determined to do further study so she can continue to improve her life. Judy’s teachers believe she will excel in everything she puts her mind to now, due to her new found confidence, skills her drive to achieve so much more.

Judy’s advice for others?

“I highly recommend anyone that struggles to read or write to get help and join a class. Don’t feel ashamed or scared. Keep trying and don’t give up. I am very grateful to my teacher and thankful for all the support the PRACE team have provided.”

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