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Passionate about helping - Adult Learners Week
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Passionate about helping

Passionate about helping

Alyssa came to the Hackham West Community Centre to enquire about doing a work placement to complete her Cert 3 in Community Services. At first, she was told there was nothing available. She came back a few months later approaching the program coordinators, who saw her potential and recommended she complete her placement at the centre. Alyssa was ready to have a go at what ever tasks were given to her and when she heard about the Adult Community Education programs she was excited to be involved and help the Coordinator. The original intention was that she would observe and help when needed but from her first class she took initiative, supported other students, set up and packed up and took on more and more responsibility. By her second week at the centre she had taken on a leadership role in the Barista class and was mentoring other young people in the program.

Alyssa is an outstanding adult learner. She is full of energy and enthusiasm and is passionate about helping people who have multiple traumas and complexity in their lives. She is tenacious, connects easily with others, is self-reflective and insightful. There is no task too big or too small for Alyssa, she is quick to take on challenges and get things done. Her ‘can-do’ attitude is a great asset and she has become a well-respected member of the centre team.

Alyssa has had a long and difficult journey to where she is now. She left high school at 16 years old, having not finished Year 10 but later she realised she wanted a different life.

It was her Job Network provider that helped her lay out a map for a different future and explore with her what she wanted for her life. Alyssa decided she wanted to become a Youth Worker and help other young people that may be on a similar path she was on as a young person disengaged from education. It was early 2020 and Alyssa had a strong sense what she needed to do. She got help for depression and anxiety. She made healthy lifestyle changes, such as eating well, exercising and meditating.  To be able to do Youth Work, she needed to do the Cert 3 in Community Services to get to the level of year 12. This has been made exceptionally challenging through Covid-19 and having to do online learning, however she has persevered and once she has finished her Cert 3 she plans to go on to complete her Cert 4 in Youth Work. Alyssa’s dedication to achieving her goals, her drive and her positive energy make her an outstanding adult learner. Setbacks will only make her stronger. She is resilient and an inspiration to others.

In Alyssa’s words “It has 100% 180 flipped it”.

Expanding learning as an adult has helped Alyssa to explore other areas of your life and strive for better. Alyssa stepped into the coffee training program and instead of being participant as planned, Alyssa has taken on a leadership role in that program. Alyssa has formed positive connections and relationships with staff, volunteers and the students in the adult education programs. She stated that the adult education program makes her feel like she has a purpose, a reason to get up. She feels like she is making a difference. Nothing will get in the way of Alyssa growing, learning, changing and leading the life she wants to lead. Along the way she will inspire and help others make positive change in their lives as well.

Alyssa’s plan is to become a qualified youth worker. She has almost finished her Cert 3 in Community Studies and once completed will then have the equivalent of Year 12, this will allow her to apply to do a Certificate 4 in Youth Work.