Samson’s started over

When Samson fled his home of Burundi, he also left behind a cherished career as a social worker, teacher and pastor in his local community. Having arrived in Australia less than six months ago as a humanitarian entrant, Samson quickly connected with the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) at TAFE QLD to improve his English and help with settlement.

Samson has applied himself diligently to his learning and displayed an extremely positive attitude in class. Samson turned his major life upheaval into a positive experience for both himself and others by utilising his teaching and pastor skills to support low-level students in other AMEP classes. He has volunteered in Pre-Literate and Level 1 AMEP classes, helping students at the beginning of their English language journey to develop life skills that will benefit them in their future work or study.

AMEP has a major impact on the transition of new migrants like Sampson. Samson’s successful settlement in a new country, community and way of life has been supported by learning the English language, developing an Australian-style CV, and gaining a deep understanding of workplace expectations. Samson continues to improve his English rapidly, and has developed a strong support network. He is also exploring future opportunities for study and work. Samson is keen to pursue further study in Community Services, to continue his career as a social worker and support others in need.

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