Jodie has found her voice

Jodie came to the program at the Australian Institute of Social Relations on the recommendation and with the support of her employer – Incompro Youth Services – which provides support services and programs for Aboriginal young people.

Jodie arrived on her first day of classroom training feeling unsure and anxious about being in a classroom again as she had left school early and did not feel confident she could do the work. But over the coming months Jodie’s confidence grew. Six months after she started, Jodie was overflowing with assurance and she confidently articulated her understanding, skills and knowledge in what it means to support Aboriginal young people at risk.

Jodie’s experience in an adult learning program supported by her employer and her peers has allowed her to rewrite her narrative about her capacity to learn and grow. Jodie can now move forward in her career and would like to attend the upcoming Child Protection Summit in Adelaide.

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